Friday, 22 July 2011


This post will not be a something that occurs regularly since this will mainly be about gear and stuff. Regardless I thought it was something worth blogging about. Tomorrow my uncle's band was kind enough to let me sit in for a song at their gig. Im quiet nervous about the whole thing since I am in India and none of my gear is with me. At least I have Whiskers with me. Speaking of Whiskers he will be requiring a refret very soon since most of the frets above the 12th on the high E string seem to be choked when I bend the string. not only that but the 21st fret is choking all the string at that position. To make matters worse ive forgotten the chord progression to "Wonderful Tonight" which ive only practiced with the band 3 times so far.
I pray that things will go well since I dont want to screw up the show for everyone since we are playing to a paying audience.
Anyway worst case scenario is that I run backstage in tears wishing I had a teddy bear, hopefully I wont have to resort to that.


Wednesday, 6 July 2011

SKB Instrument Cases

Just wanted to give a quick shout-out to SKB since they have to be the best case manufacturer in the world. SKB are the best at what they do without a doubt.
Im not just saying that, all my electric guitars have SKB cases and they have been thrown around by airport baggage handlers who seem to be blind to the BRIGHT RED FRAGILE stickers that I plaster my cases with. Most of the guitars arrive at the destination in-tune.
Plus SKB's newer cases all come complete with TSA approved locked meaning you can keep thieves out but let Customs in (without drilling through the latch).
Not only do SKB build guitar cases, they also make military cases: if we are willing to put our axes into SKB cases the army can definitely rely on SKB for protection during transportation as well as in the field.
SKB also build pedal boards and sports cases.
Check Out SKB: "Here"

Whisker's new case: