Saturday, 25 June 2011

Introducing: Black Jack

As I mentioned in the first post: I am going to catalog all the guitars I own then move on to the rest of the rig. Since you have already seen Whiskers I thought I would show off Black Jack.
Black Jack is actually the only guitar I have ever bought with my own money, all the other guitars I own are either gifts or hand me downs. Anyway Black Jack is an Epiphone Custom Shop Flying V.
It was built in Korea at the Saein factory in 2005, I know this from the serial number which can be traced at this website.

Here you can see Black Jack has a unique factory finish:

Everything on Black Jack is stock except for the bridge pickup which is a Seymour Duncan SH-1 or 59' PAF copy. At one point in Black Jack's life he had a Bigsby B5 vibrato installed with a Vibra-Mate mounting plate, This would have been fin except the Bigsby I recieved from ebay was a B500 licensed version which doesnt fit the vibra mate perfectly. This meant it was mounted crooked and caused tuning issues.

The Seymour Duncan 59':

As you can see the white finished pickups don't bear the Seymour Duncan name on the bobbin, however it is still engraved into the base plate:

As of now Black Jack is tuned a whole step down and functions as a backup for whiskers. I may sometimes use black Jack for slide since it has small frets and is setup with a moderately high action suitable for slide.

To end this post we have a gut shot of Black Jack:


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