Saturday, 25 June 2011

June 2011 Pedal Board

Black Jack Part 2 will happen in a couple of days till then im going to start adding the rest of the rig excluding the guitars.
So for now it'll be the two pedal boards and the amps.

Above you have a good view of the EHX Iron lung:

So as you can see im not running anything in the effects loop of the Bandit, That may happen later on in the evolution of my rig. But as of now id like to keep the routing relatively simple.
The chain is basically Guitar into the tuner which then runs into my SH-95 wah. The whammy is then placed after this and im only using the whammys wet signal out into my dirt boxes. Speaking of dirt, Im using the Digitech death metal (the cheapest) the most, the DS-1 for very few things. And the most expensive: MXR blue box the least. Just goes to show that you should never trust the media when choosing musical gear, I prefer to trust my own ear since it is MY TONE!
Anyway after the dirt section I use the BOSS super chorus to thicken up my distorted tone (also helps bring out those harmonics). The Chorus is permanently left on as it is a very transparent sounding pedal. The CH-1 actually relies on your guitar quite a lot so it sounds awesome with the thick mahogany of Black Jack. After the chorus I use the BF-3 mainly for Van-Halen stuff. The BF-3 is almost perfect except its sweep cant be slowed down to the same speed as the MXR version. It took forever to tap in the tempo so that it would sound a little less like a ray-gun.
NOTE: The BF-3 has a stereo output to split my signal into the VOX AC4-TV. This means that the VOX skips the delay and the scooped mids. This was perfect since the AC4 is a very midrange based amplifier. This compliments the scooped mids on my Bandit 112 so that I am still heard during band practice. The VOX is also effected by the EHX Iron Lung this means I can hear the guitar signal as well as the Vocoders effected signal.
The entire board except the iron lung, whammy and EQ pedals are powered by the Dunlop DC-Brick.
This means the entire setup is as quite as possible, A EHX Hum Debugger is likely to feature on this board soon.


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