Saturday, 20 August 2011


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The gig with "Second Coming" went great: I played lead for wonderful tonight and the audience seemed to like it so we broke out into a instrumental jam of "Smoke On The Water".
I didn't really get to check out the gear everyone was using but I was given the opportunity to play through a Vox ToneLab EX. This was my first experience with multi effects and I was pleasantly surprised: With barely any time to setup or tweak my sound I had 2 basic clean tones assigned to Foot-Switch 1 and 2 while foot-switch 3 gave me a nice thick "Marshally" tone.

Another great feature of the ToneLab is the fact that the expression pedal's default setting is a volume pedal meaning live tweaking is as simple as lifting your heel an inch or so! This came in handy when I needed a bit of a boost for a riff or maybe back off a bit so the Sax wasn't overpowered.

After playing through the ToneLab EX Im sure that at some point in my life ill probably pick it up as a back up to my pedal board or maybe I could use it for traveling since its literally plug and play (just don't plug into the wrong countries power because it will play with your ToneLab in a bad way).

Thats it for now but I hope I will be able to get an in-depth look at Vox's ToneLab series.
If you want check out the ToneLab EX or the smaller ST go to:


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